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Stars at 'Star Trek' film premiere on Susan Boyle phenomenon

Stars at 'Star Trek' film premiere on Susan Boyle phenomenon; ENGLAND: London: Leicester Square: EXT Fans outside cinema for premiere of latest Star Trek film / Trekkies dressed as Star Trek characters Actor Simon Pegg arriving at Star Trek premiere and interviewed on blue carpet (not heard) Simon Pegg (actor) interview SOT - Haven't seen the Susan Boyle clip (from 'Britain's got Talent' show) / fantastic news but I don't know who she is Eric Banner (actor) as interviewed (not heard) / Simon Pegg being interviewed on red carpet (not heard) / Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (actor) greeting each other / Zachary Quinto (actor) as interviewed (not heard) Zoe Saldana (Actress) as interviewed by press (not heard) / Chris Pine (actor) as interviewed SOT Chris Pine (actor) interview SOT - Can't wait to see clip (of Susan Boyle) / I was a big Paul Potts fan so I'm looking forward to seeing it / fingers crossed (for Susan Boyle), hear you made that jaded Simon Cowell weep think thats a wonderful thing Pine and Quinto as interviewed before premiere (not heard) Lorrayne Kelly (television presenter) interview SOT - I think Susan's fantastic, she has touched a chord with everybody / just shows when you've got talent doesn't matter what you look like and you should never judge a book by its cover / just hope they don't make her over Zachary Quinto interview SOT - Just found out about her today / haven't seen the clip on the television / wish she was here I'd give her a kiss right now Pegg speaking to press (not heard) / Pine as interviewed at premiere (not heard) / Star Trek fans waiting for autographs / Jonathan Ross (television presenter) and family along to be interviewed by press SOT Jonathan Ross (television presenter) interview SOT - Course I'm aware (of Susan Boyle), who isn't? the hairy angel / haven't heard her, just seen her / wish her the very best she looks lovely


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20. April 2009
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United Kingdom
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