Burned victims lying in coffins 12 July 1978 at "L : Nachrichtenfoto
Burned victims lying in coffins 12 July 1978 at "L : Nachrichtenfoto
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Burned victims lying in coffins 12 July 1978 at "L

LOS ALFAQUES, SPAIN - JULY 12: Burned victims lying in coffins 12 July 1978 at "Los Alfaques" campsite devastated at 03 pm 11 July 1978 by a propane gas explosion after a truck loaded with 43 tonnes of propane (part of the tank can be seen on the right) left the road bordering the site, and careered into the camp grounds. It hit a building and exploded, digging a crater several meters deep, killing in two minutes 200 tourists, carbonized on the spot. Fifteen others died later of their burns, bringing the final toll to 215. "Los Alfaques" camp ground, one of many situated between the national Valencia-to-Tarragon highway and the beach along the Catalan Costa Dorada or Golden Coast, was a popular summer destination known to its northern European regulars for low cost holidays in the sun. (Photo credit should read GEORGES BENDRIHEM/AFP/Getty Images)


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Bildnachweis:GEORGE BENDRIHEM / Staff
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