Nun praying in street, protesters in background : Nachrichtenfoto
Nun praying in street, protesters in background : Nachrichtenfoto
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Nun praying in street, protesters in background

YANGON, MYANMAR - SEPTEMBER 26: A Burmese nun prays as she watches the protesters march on Anawrahta Road near Sule Pagoda on September 26, 2007 in downtown Yangon, Myanmar. There was a standoff after heavily armed military soldiers, blockading the road, fired warning shots as the group neared the Pagoda, so the group stopped at the intersection to chant and pray over an hour until continuing the march elsewhere. People fled to flats and shops when warning shots were fired. Allegedly one person was killed and five injured at the beginning of today's march at nearby Shwedagon Pagoda. Mass protests began after the military government implemented dramatic price hikes in fuel prices on August 15th causing public bus fares to double and widespread economic hardship. The monks became involved when the leadership of initial protest marches were supressed. Uniformed security personnel were positioned throughout the former capital, patrolling watching crowds, telling them to not get involved lest action be taken against them. Military trucks parked less than a kilometer from City Hall and the Sule Pagoda, the plaza between the two buildings where in 1988, the government crushed similar pro-democracy protests by killing up to 3000 pro-democracy protesters. Government opposition has been repeatedly crushed in the country and the latest demonstrations have yet again led to mass arrests of political activists opposing the regime.


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