Silver Bullets Music Library

Malibu, CA United States

Genres:Folk, New Age, Ambient-Klanglandschaft, Funk, Elektronisch - Trip Hop/Downtempo, Elektronisch - Industrial, Production – Hip-Hop, Spezialgebiet - Trailer-Musik, Spezialgebiet - Soundtrack-Alternativen, Production – Rock, Spezialgebiet - Werbemusik, Spezialgebiet - Militär/Märsche, Spezialgebiet - Menschliche Dramen/Emotionen, Spezialgebiet - Horror/Spannung, Production – Hip-Hop, Spezialgebiet - Filmmusik, Spezialgebiet - Americana/Western, Spezialgebiet - Action/Adventure, Rock - Roots Rock, Production – Rock, Welt - Tribal, Welt - Sonstige, Welt - Asiatisch - Festland, Blues - Akustisch
Lebenslauf: Silver Bullets Music Library is a new production music catalog resulting from a creative collaboration of the music industry's most successful producers and composers. It offers the crème de la crème in a variety of genres ranging from heart pounding trailer music and sweeping film scores to hair raising horror tracks and tension building underscores. Each track is hand-picked for the highest quality and usability profile. In post, every day is a battle...let us be your secret weapon in the war against musical mediocrity
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