Nathan Mathes

Green Bay, WI United States

Genres:Folk, Country - Alternativ, Alternative Pop, Rock - Indie-Rock, Rock - Experimentell/Post-Rock, Rock - Alternativ Pop
Lebenslauf: Nathan Mathes is a singer-songwriter from Green Bay, Wisconsin. People have described his music as indie folk-rock, featuring songs that are driven by acoustic guitar and subdued, heartfelt vocals. Mathes spent a number of years fronting indie-rock bands in the Green Bay area before releasing his first solo album, “American Whitecaps”, in 2010. Mathes has since released four more albums: “Roselawn”, in 2011, “Bellwether. Arbutus” and “Recs”, both of which were released on the same day in 2013, and “Libet”, in 2014.

Mathes has played extensively throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest, and his music has been used in a number of national television and radio shows, with placements on TBS, MTV, HBO, VH1, Netflix, Public Television and Public Radio.
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