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Hazelwood, MO United States

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Genres:Elektronisch - House/Dance/Progressive, Hip-Hop - Pop/Modern, Hip-Hop - Pop/Modern, Spezialgebiet - Werbemusik, RnB - Modern/Zeitgenössisch Urban
Lebenslauf: If you stood in the streets of a busy St. Louis intersection back in 2000, chances are, your ears would be laced with the sounds of trunk rattling bass tunes mixed with the wining cries of a guitar. Add in the “country” verbiage of a few 20-something musicians and the product that was created would be dubbed as “The Sound of St. Louis”. Now that the door of entertainment has been open, the Gateway to the West is able to let in a few more talented individuals who can also rap about new topics, sing vivid soul tunes, and more importantly…produce a new sound. The Urban Legendz production team has plans on making that very thing happen one beat at a time. Consisting of a couple of wiz kid’s, Byron and Perry are setting out redevelop a new sound and take listeners back to the essence of music formation.

As a native of St. Louis, Byron B. [ne’ Byron Bagsby] has been able to gain an early knowledge of the various sounds of music as well as its intricate arrangement. After coming to the decision to chose sound over sports, Byron was well on his way by receiving his tutelage from close family members who were also submerged in the field of music. “My Mom played a key part,when I was younger she made me break down the elements in songs and explain the different parts of the musical arrangement,My dad was a DJ, my aunt ran a music school and my great-grandmother composed gospel music and , so I had music production in my DNA.” His dreams became more of a reality when he was able to work behind the scenes as an intern with an indie record label. This opportunity would then lead him to work alongside an industry great: Brian “Big Bass” Gardner. Byron was able to gain a few tips from the engineering wizard and he is now able to utilize some of the same concepts on his own projects.

Perry Slater Jr. is better known as "6th Sense" to his peers in the music business. "My alias came from how music naturally comes to me." Since the age of nine, he has used music as an escape from negative paths, so he adopted the pseudonym name 6th Sense which explains the undesirable feelings he has for music. Music was like the key element that brought his life equilibrium back to stable ground. His introduction to music comes from having family members that are musically inclined and taking an early ear to all types of music. In 2004, he made it official by becoming proficient in music production techniques while also learning to play the piano. Now that Perry has finally made a home in the Midwest, he has been able to receive awards and scholarships for his piano skills and his keen ear for sound. Becoming a major impact in the world of music is inevitable for this musical prodigy.

Now that these two Midwest maestros have had a chance to display their talent with each other, they now set out to unleash their master tracks on the spectators of the music world. The Urban Legendz production duo have already made an impression on the local St. Louis scene by working with several up and coming artist such as “Da Banggaz”, “Chill”, “Sir Will”, “Excel Cruz”, “Ray Da Kid”, “Next Level” and local songbird “Teresa Janee” just to name a few. Their musical chops aren’t confined to the states either. They have also been able to ;;link up with a Northern London media company to keep their sound international. They describe themselves as “Hybrid-Producers”, because of their skill to work with any artist belonging to any genre. Byron B. and Perry “6th Sense” Slater now have their sites set on creating that new sound and feel to the art of music. With some of the best musical weaponry and the right dosage of talented clientele, these young producers are well on their way to launch musical domination on the St. Louis music scene.
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