Ross Edwards


Genres:Pop - Adult Contemporary
Lebenslauf: Ross Edwards (born in 1981 in England, United Kingdom) is a singer songwriter & musician who picked up a guitar at the age of 14 and since then he has been in numerous Indie bands. One of them being 'Seven year Itch' where Ross led as front man and wrote all their songs. In 2001 the band split and Ross decided to go solo after finding it hard to cope with the daily issues of running a band.

After 7 years away from music Ross began a new project recording his first studio album 'REQUIEM' using a different kind of sound featuring piano, orchestra and guitar with some inspirational lyrics and catchy melodies. All of the songs from the album are related to someone Ross has known or lost in his life apart from 'SNOW' which was written when it snowed in England in 2009.

Ross plays guitar and piano on this album and all of the songs are written and composed by Ross. American pianist Lloyd Warren III features on the album playing on some of the tracks including the breaktaking 'speed of light'.The album was produced at Mike Paul records in the South west of England.
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