stambridge, essex United Kingdom

Genres:Hip-Hop - Experimentell/Alternativ, Alternative Pop, Rock - Alternativ Pop , RnB - Modern/Zeitgenössisch Urban
Lebenslauf: Dirty breaks and infectious melodies lead the songs in this bass heavy mix of cool guitars and a scratching
Mashing up different genres has been the aim for this band; fusing new technologies with old school flavours, lyrics and melodies to make songs that are deep and funky, with a modern approach of making everything sound huge and slamming.
This heavy sound that has been progressing on stage and in the studio is grabbing the listener, punching out of the speakers to make you hear, they can be soulful and they can be in your face, either way the impact is solid.
The band have played numerous shows in and around London , playing with indie rock bands or urban acts, there is always something in their unique sound that crosses over and the audience get into it.
Constantly in the studio writing and recording energetic beat driven songs to play on stages around the UK, using their quirky old equipment combined with cutting edge approaches; they make tracks that are alternative mixes of all the band members different loves of music be it , drum and bass, dub step, hip hop, indie rock, roots reggae and dub m.
Check the bands website for gigs and tours.
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