René Grossian

berlin, n/a Germany

Genres:New Age, Ambient-Klanglandschaft, Spezialgebiet - Soundtrack-Alternativen, Welt - Orient, Welt - Indisch, World - Ethnic Electronica
Lebenslauf: Mainly I compose and arrange music for film and tv.
The genres are predominantly world music with focus on the Middle East and India. The new age music and new classical music are the most characteristic genres of my music.

Life is the biggest inspiration for my creativity. I´ve always been fascinated by the tremendous power of music and art.

I had my first experience with traditional photography in the early 90ties. It was a process of trying and experience with slides. After this light and painting where mixed up on canvas. But soon i started to transfer my creativity and my inspiration in music. The first compositions were very personal, but after this, i succeeded in composing music for film and tv productions.
After searching new forms to express myself, i made my the first steps in motion graphics. All this together, the craft to design and to realize multimedia-based content give me a unique understanding to interact with graphics, video and sound.

...there are so many other artistic expressions. The music composition is definitely an important means to me.

Music licensees:

Turner Studios
Red Bull Media House
Indigo Films
NBA Entertainment
Pinewood Films
Simon and Schuster
The Biography Channel
City Lights Media
Lion Television
Company Pictures

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